Tips for Communicating with the Executor

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You’ve bought your probate leads and sent out your mailers to your lead list. Now you are either making outbound phone calls to your leads, or you are starting to get some incoming calls from your mailers. You want to make sure to connect with the property owner and hopefully close the deal.

To do that, you need to be able to communicate effectively. Below are seven tips for how to communicate with the personal representative/executor when you make contact:

  1. Be yourself – Be real and genuine. Offer condolences if that feels appropriate. Be honest and up front about what you are offering. Be true to who you are.
  2. Listen – It is your goal to get the executor/personal representative to talk as much as possible so that you can learn about the individual situation. You want to listen, take notes, and ask follow up questions.
  3. Do not interrupt – Whatever you do, make sure you do not interrupt the executor/personal representative. You want him/her to keep talking. Take notes on any follow up questions you need to ask and go back to them when it is appropriate for you to ask questions.
  4. Focus on the customer – This call is not about you. You should only offer information about yourself if the executor/PR asks. Your goal is to learn about the executor/PR and determine how you can best be of assistance.
  5. Ge to the point – Be direct with the purpose of your call. Do not make small talk at first. If the executor/PR is interested, ask direction questions to get him/her talking. But stick to the issue you are calling about and avoid small talk.
  6. Don’t count your deals before they are finalized – Do not expect any deal to come through until it is done. Keep working and going after the next deal. You never know which deals are really going to come through, and you do not want to waste time waiting on a deal that never comes through.
  7. Think positive – Your thoughts impact your actions. If you aren’t having luck with your leads, don’t give up. Keep working them – send mailers, make follow up calls, reach back out to anyone who expressed any potential interest. These leads will convert if you keep working them.

To learn more about working with the executor or personal representative, check out our e-book, Communicating with the Executor.

You can also listen to Kristine Gentry talk about working with leads on Abhi Golhar’s Think Realty Radio show or read the transcript here.

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