Best Practices For Pursuing Probate Leads

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Finding probate property leads can be tough if you try to go it alone. But once you get the ball rolling, many investors, real estate agents, and other entrepreneurs find it’s well worth their time and money. In an effort to help you get started in probate real estate, here are US Probate Leads’ four best practices for getting probate leads.

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Collecting Data From the Courthouse

One way you can go about procuring probate leads is by collecting data from your local courthouse. This can typically be done online or in-person. However, it’s worth noting that many courthouses are closed or have restricted hours/access due to COVID-19. And, even when they are open, gathering probate real estate information from your local courthouse is often tedious, time consuming, and requires a great deal of effort. 

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Newspaper/Online Search

Another probate real estate method people employ is searching through the newspapers and searching online for obituaries to identify potential probate leads. Again, this method takes significant time and effort, and not every person who has passed away will have property in probate.

Probate Lists

An easier method of acquiring probate leads is to purchase a probate list. In essence, this is a list of probate leads that might have property associated with them. Where some people run into issues, though, is that the seller isn’t always reputable. You could be purchasing outdated information on the leads or they may not perform additional steps to clean up the data and ensure the data is as accurate as possible. 

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So what’s the absolute best option for people looking to get into probate real estate? Without a doubt, the answer is working with US Probate Leads. Our researchers do all the legwork for you, so you don’t have to invest time or effort in generating leads — we take care of everything for you! US Probate Leads is a well-known, reputable probate real estate lead source that professionals all over the country trust. We are a family owned and operated business with over 20 years of experience. We utilize a proprietary methodology including skip-tracing and other steps to ensure our data is as accurate as possible. In addition, we offer a variety of services, including marketing support, to help you get the most out of your probate leads.

When it comes to best practices for pursuing probate leads, there’s no better option than partnering up with US Probate Leads.

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