Probate Leads: An Untapped Market for Investors

Do you want highly motivated property sellers in your county? US Probate Leads delivers high quality leads for properties in probate to brokers, real estate investors, realtors, and more. This niche market of probate leads offers an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to make money while helping highly motivated sellers. Instead of conducting your own county search for probate leads, let us do the hard work for you.


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Find Properties in Probate

US Probate Leads makes it easier than ever for you to become a probate investor. This is a niche market due to the amount of work required to find probate leads at the county level. However, our leads give you everything you need to contact the probate property holders.

Often, people who have recently inherited a home are anxious to sell the property as quickly as possible. The overwhelming majority of inherited homes sell within the first year of being transferred to the heir. This makes probate one of the easiest niches for making deals. However, probate leads are difficult to obtain on your own. Counties tend to only allow the public to have access to probate data if they visit the courthouse. Many counties charge a fee for each sheet of probate data and often an appointment is required before you are allowed to find properties in their files.


Tired of Getting Beaten to the Best Real Estate Opportunities? Choose our Probate Leads Instead

Foreclosures and short sales are very popular ways to invest in real estate, but why swim in those crowded waters when properties in probate have far less competition? All of the major real estate websites today make information on foreclosures easily available to the public. By the time you jump on those leads, so has everyone else in your market. Few investors understand the opportunities involved in probate. Those who do understand them often become overwhelmed when faced with the challenges of getting leads straight from the courthouse. Therefore, probate leads are still a well-kept secret and an untapped market.

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Learn More about Probate

If you are new to real estate investing, and want to learn more, we encourage you to explore our website at There are also tons of other great resources online where you can learn more, including Think Realty. Think Realty has a wonderful website, magazine, and an informative podcast at


From Probate Leads to Marketing, We have You Covered

It is not enough to just purchase leads and then make one phone call or send one letter. We recommend that probate investors send a minimum of five letters to ensure that you reach the executor when s/he is ready to sell. And, US Probate Leads can handle your mailings for you. So along with us doing the county search for leads, we offer a complete turnkey mailing solution to your outreach program.

Buy the Amount of Probate Leads You Want

We offer a variety of lead programs to fit your needs. You can start off with a test drive of only 25 leads, or you can buy all the leads available in a particular county. In addition, you can purchase one time or sign-up for a subscription service and have leads delivered to you automatically each month. Subscribers can cancel at any time (just give us a minimum of 2-weeks’ notice before your next delivery date).


Give us a call now to learn more about the probates available in your county.







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