Tips for Buying Probate Property

Any time you are new to a hobby, a job, a skill, or a new process, there is a learning curve involved. It takes time to adjust, to have skills and abilities become second nature, and to get your routine down. However, once you do, your learning jumps, the processes become easier, and you begin to settle in and enjoy it. This applies to buying probate leads and investing in properties in probate as well.

US Probate Leads offers the best probate leads in the nation. With data available in most counties in the United States, and over 15+ years of experience, you can feel confident that our leads are higher quality and more volume than others in our field. 

Once you receive your probate leads, all you have to do is reach out and make the deal. While that may sound easy enough, it will take some time to find your system and how you like to operate and approach this process. Below, we’ll offer up some tips for making offers on properties that are listed in probate. 


Be Patient When Reaching Out to Executors

It can pay off to be patient with the executors of these properties. Many are experiencing loss during this time. We recommend reaching out initially and making yourself available as a resource for these individuals. Touching base regularly to check in is acceptable and encouraged; however, we do not recommend pushing these sellers. Because we have great historical data and are regularly updating our probate leads database, you will have a consistent flow of probate leads while working with us. Be patient, cast a wide net, and follow up regularly with executors of the estate – and you will be well on your way to closing deals regularly.

Be Fair When Negotiating Property Prices

There is a belief in the industry that homes in probate are in a distressed state and will need to be fixed up to be sold, which is where a lot of the profit is earned. However, this is simply not always the case. There are many homes that enter probate that are in superb condition and were well taken care of by their owners. You may also run into sellers who are in no rush to sell their probate home and won’t negotiate on price.

Understand the local housing market that you are making offers in. While many individuals in probate will be motivated sellers, they are also looking for fair value for their properties. These are often childhood homes or locations that hold memories for many of these individuals. By offering a fair price – slightly below market value of the home – you will gain the confidence and interest of more sellers. Additionally you will be viewed as a resource in the future if they are not quite in the position to sell their property in probate as you initially reach out. 

The last thing you want to do with your probate leads is lowball an offer, and hurt a relationship before you have an opportunity to build one. 


US Probate Leads provides you with the real estate leads so you can make the deal and purchase a home in probate at a great price, lending you a great return on investment. Our mission is to not only help you make a great living in real estate investment, but also to help those who are looking to sell their probate homes after the loss of a loved one. Visit our website to learn more today!

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