Why Probate Leads are Recession-Friendly

Probate leads is the term used in real estate to reference leads that are in the probate process. When a home is in probate, the executor may be looking to sell the home at a reasonable price so they can settle the probate process on his/her end.

Because probate is a public process that must go through the local courts, probates are public domain. There are over 3,300 counties in the United States, and each county has their own court and probate processes.

US Probate Leads offers probate leads that we find through data collection in courthouses nationwide. We do all of the leg work in finding the leads, and then we share with you, digitally, the probate lists for your county of choice anywhere across the United States. This can save you hours of time in visiting the courthouse and building a probate leads list yourself. Once you have your probate leads lists, our team doesn’t stop there. We have resources to help you make the most out of your leads and probate investment strategy. Below, we’ve included some helpful information on how and why probate leads are a great lead source in an uncertain economy. Call us today with questions or to get started!


Executors May Be Even More Willing to Sell

When the economy takes a downturn, such as in the recent COVID crisis, many people are experiencing turbulence in their day-to-day lives. Some have lost their jobs, some have had their pay cut, and most are incentivized to explore their options of how to continue bringing in income.

In an economic downturn, beneficiaries may be more willing to sell their property and at a great discount because they need the financial stimulus. The money from the sale of the probate property could be just what they need to make it through the economic downturn. Now is a great time to buy probate leads from US Probate Leads and nurture them. Once you get your pitch prepared, this process becomes easy. There are always gems waiting to be uncovered if you’ll just work with individuals long enough.

You’ll Need Less Money to Get Started

As an investor, you, too, may be experiencing the effects of an economic downturn. After all, no one is immune to the effects of the economy. However, there is still opportunity in the probate market to make some great investments. While you may be hesitant to invest in an unstable economy, real estate continues to be a stable investment because it’s tangible.

Be diligent. Researching the price of the home and property, as well as the historical trends, will be crucial. There is a delicate balance of finding a fair price for a house in probate, but one that you can still turn a nice profit on, and this takes time and experience to master.

Sellers may be motivated to accept less money for the probate property than they otherwise would have because of the economy. Sellers may even take the first offer they get, thinking they won’t get another offer. This is an advantage for buyers, and one you should keep in mind when making an offer.

Real Estate Is Always Worth Something

Unlike stocks, which are ultimately a piece of paper at the end of the day, real estate is a tangible piece of property with or without a building on it. Land will always carry value because there is a finite amount of land, and the number of people on the planet is not diminishing. People always need a place to live, and depending on the location of a property, it could always be desirable.

While real estate is cyclical, it’s cyclical in a controlled manner, meaning real estate will always carry value. If a company whose stock you own folds, your stock is worthless. If there is a drop in the economy, your land or property could go down in value, but it won’t be worthless.

Probate real estate opportunities are everywhere.


Investing in probate real estate is an exciting endeavor that many people find enticing. Finding a deal, executing on that deal, and then reselling for a nice profit is a great way to earn a living. It’s fun, and you get to meet a lot of great people whom you are helping along the way. You are helping people settle the affairs of a loved one’s passing so that they can close that chapter in their lives, and you are helping someone else find the home or property of their dreams.

Being in real estate is being in the dream fulfillment business, and there’s not a lot of other careers that can say that. People spend many years saving up for the house of their dreams. Buyers of real estate, like yourself, are always looking for a value, too. When buyers find a home that they love that they can get at a good price thanks to the fact that it was a probate home, they are thrilled as well. That gives them more money in their pockets to make the home their own.

Choose US Probate Leads for your next real estate adventure, and make your dreams come true, too!

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