Helping Heirs Through Probate by Purchasing Their Homes

Helping Heirs Through Probate by Purchasing Their Homes US probate leads

Baby boomers are not getting any younger. In fact, all baby boomers are now in their 50s, and by 2037, 3.6 million people are expected to die, which is one million more than in 2015. This number will continue to climb until the year 2055 where it will begin to level off. At the same time, the number of people who are dying without an estate plan (i.e. a will) is increasing as well. In 2019, the percentage of older Americans with estate plans dropped by 25%. The estate, including their homes, of most of those who die will end up in probate.

US Probate Leads offers the best probate leads for sale. We offer probate lists in most county in the United States, giving real estate investors the chance to buy homes at great prices. Below, we’ll go over how buying people’s unwanted probate houses, helps them out. Contact our real estate lead generation company today!


Probate can be a long, sticky business, depending on if the person who died left a will and how much property they had. Throw in the fact that there are often disputes between family members in probate cases, and probate can be a stressful, trying time for many.

Real estate investors who invest in real estate leads have an opportunity to not only make money by buying probate properties but also to help the family out by quickly buying their probate home.

Oftentimes, for those stuck in probate, financial obligations may arise, such as estate taxes that are due. This can elicit even more stress and/or disagreements amongst family members about how and who will pay this while they wait for the estate to be settled. By buying their home that is in probate, you will be able to provide them with the cash they need to settle taxes and other debt bills without losing sleep or causing hurt and rifts amongst family members. To many, this in and of itself is worth its weight in gold.


As you can see, the opportunities for real estate investors to utilize probate leads to find properties will only increase as our aging population begins to pass on. Yet, when the deceased pass, they often leave a mess behind in terms of their estate, especially if they have no will. Thus, as a real estate investor, you can help these heirs by offering to quickly buy their homes with little hassle on their part. They won’t have to deal with home showings, real estate agent fees, and the time the home will have to sit on the market. You will be saving them mounds of headaches when they need it the most.

US Probate Leads can provide you with these probate lists, and while not everyone will be ready to sell immediately, you will find those who are, giving them the chance to move on with their lives. Contact our real estate lead generation company today!

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