How to Find Probate Properties

Are you thinking about investing in probate properties but unsure where to start? Probate real estate is a niche market precisely because it requires a lot of work to uncover leads. However, once you figure out how to find probate properties, you will be working with sellers who are often highly motivated to unload the burden of their inherited real estate. You will be able to help them move through the probate process and move forward with their lives. As an added bonus, you can do this all while safeguarding potentially beautiful real estate at a fair price. Want to know how to find probate real estate? Read on to learn about the challenging process for finding probate leads, and our suggestion for making the search easier.

Probate real estate opportunities are everywhere.

At first glance, the process for finding probate real estate leads seems simple because probate court files are public record and anyone has access to them. Unfortunately, tracking these records down and then finding the information you actually need in them is not as straightforward of a process as you would think. Below are just a few of the complicating factors that make the probate search a headache.

Every Probate Court Is Different

Yes, there is a probate court in every single county in the United States. But do they all have the same name and the same record-keeping system? Absolutely not. Depending on the state, the probate court could be referred to as the circuit court, or orphans’ court, or surrogate’s court, or something else entirely. Some courts provide online access to probate records, but others require an in-person visit to the courthouse.

You May Have To Pay For Probate Records

Once you’ve figured out where to start looking at probate records, then you have to figure out how to actually access them and find the information you need. Often times, you’ll have to go to the courthouse in person to request access. You may need to make an appointment, and there are usually limits to how many files you can pull out at a time. There are plenty of counties that also charge a fee for each sheet of probate data.

The Probate Search Is Time-Consuming

Whether you’re combing through online records or making regular visits to the courthouse, the search for probate real estate is incredibly time-consuming. It’s also endless! Probate records are constantly being updated with new potential leads as more and more properties are put through the probate process. The probate search will cost you valuable time, over and over again, if you do not figure out a way to efficiently find those leads.

This Is Why US Probate Leads Exists!

Upon our first visit to a courthouse in search of probate properties, we were shocked to discover that we could only manually copy probate information by hand, 10 files at a time. We knew there had to be a better way to find probate real estate. We’ve spent the last 15 years honing our probate search method across counties, so you can stop wasting your time and money navigating courthouse procedures. We offer flexible pricing plans, which means you only have to buy as many leads as you feel capable of pursuing. Let us take care of the probate search legwork. Spend your time actually pursuing real estate leads!

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