Why Spring is the Best Time to Buy & Sell Probate Real Estate

US Probate Leads is America’s most trusted name in probates. With over 15 years of experience, we are the go-to team when you are looking for probate leads. We have probate data available for almost every state and county in the nation. Our extensive network allows us to gather the probate data from public records so that you don’t have to do the work yourself. We then sell these probate leads to you so you can follow up on properties in probate and make your offers. We take the tediousness out of the probate lead research process. Below, we’ll take a look at why spring is the best time to buy and prepare to sell probate real estate. Contact us today to build your leads list with our probate leads!


Sellers Are Ready

Let’s face it, selling real estate in the winter can be a chore. Properties which are in probate are no different. Sellers have to manage showings and feel the house is presentable and clean. Plus, many people don’t want to move in the winter so the potential buyers available are few and far between.

Come springtime, spring fever hits, and both buyers and sellers are ready to invest the time and energy required in acquiring or selling real estate. Those who own a probate home are just as likely to have been sitting on it all winter. Spring is a great time to make your pitch and get great deals before the summer frenzy hits.

Buyers Are Getting Ready

While spring is the perfect time to get a home ready to sell, many buyers are getting ready to purchase a home because it gives those with kids time to find a home, put an offer down, wait until closing, and then move in before the school year hits. Buyers can get acclimated to their new neighborhood and neighbors and get situated while the weather is warm. This is great news for your probate home as you will most likely be able to ask a great price due to the fact that buyers are looking for a home quickly and are less likely to negotiate a price.

Competition is High

Once you’ve closed on a property in probate, selling it will yield a plethora of buyers, so you have the time to wait for the right offer to come your way. Buyers still want great deals, and you will find those who will make an offer on your property that is way below your asking price. While you may be tempted to take it, or negotiate a slightly higher price, US Probate Leads recommends you wait it out. There will be a lot more buyers headed your way. Being patient and waiting a few extra weeks is the way to maximize your revenue from probate real estate.


US Probate Leads offers the best probate leads for your real estate investment needs. Contact us today!

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