Why Historical Probate Leads Should Be Pursued in a Down Economy

Why Historical Probate Leads Should Be Pursued in a Down Economy us probate leads

As a real estate investor or a real estate agent, a down economy can be a challenging time to make money. People tend to be hesitant to buy a home, as well as to sell their home. Some may be fearful of losing their job, or some just may decide to postpone upgrading to a newer, bigger home in down times. While this is understandable, real estate investors still need to discover new ways to bring in additional revenue streams in a down economy.

US Probate Leads is a probate lead source that offers probate leads for sale for most counties in the United States. The key when working with probate leads in real estate is timing. You need to approach those in probate before they enlist a different agent, and being a real estate agent can help with credibility as well. Below, we’ll briefly explain why historical probate leads (those leads that are more than one month old) may be a great, unexplored opportunity to make some cash in a down economy. Call us today!


More Time For Decision-Making

Sometimes with probate leads, you may be working with a grieving family who all have to agree in order to make a decision, which includes selling their inherited home. However, many people can have emotional ties to their probate house if it was the one they grew up in, and thus, they don’t want to sell.

In a down economy, many people may be spending more time at home, saving money where they can. Thus, they will have more time to think about selling their inherited homes. These homes have often been out of probate for a while, making them a historical probate lead. Sometimes just the mere contact will get their wheels churning, and they will be ready to sell. If not, US Probate Leads notes they can at least begin the conversation.

More Need For the Money

Those who have been holding onto their inherited house for whatever reason now may have more incentive to sell due to financial reasons. When the economy is having a tough time, this ripples throughout every sector, from increased price of groceries to increased housing costs and utilities. Plus, it’s always nice to have emergency savings, and when you sell your inherited house, you can definitely pad your bank account from the proceeds. Historical probate leads from US Probate Leads can be golden opportunities, especially if the economy took a sudden turn for the worse. This means that probate houses three-twelve months ago may now be ready to sell. And who better to buy them than you? If you nurture the seed, it will grow.


Remember that when the economy is in a tailspin, not everyone is suffering. There is always opportunity right around the corner if you seek it out. US Probate Leads offers the best real estate seller leads for your county. Call our real estate lead generation company today!

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